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Innovive Health is committed to ensuring the ongoing safety of our patients and staff as COVID-19 restrictions are lifted, and we move forward with our economic and social reopening.

We will continue to adhere to guidance from the CDC and the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, and we will implement the following safety measures:

  • Conducting daily health screenings for symptoms of COVID-19 for patients and staff.
    • Anyone who exhibits symptoms related to COVID-19 is required to stay home.
  • Using 70 percent or higher alcohol-based hand sanitizer by our clinicians on the road and in our office locations, and our clinical policies require frequent hand-cleaning by those providing patient care.
  • Following all local, state, and federal guidelines for infection control when entering and exiting homes.
  • Providing ongoing surveillance testing for our clinicians and encouraging vaccinations for all staff.
  • Wearing masks and following social distancing guidelines when providing care in the home, as appropriate.

In addition, all of the high-touch areas throughout our offices are cleaned frequently with virus- and bacteria-killing chemicals.

Innovating healthcare through quality outcomes delivered at home

Innovive Health is transforming healthcare through an innovative model of patient-centered, data-driven, full-service home care. Through our unmatched dedication to complex mental health patients, we are changing lives, supporting communities and shaping the future of healthcare.

Our Services

Innovive Health provides skilled nursing services to some of the region’s most vulnerable and underserved populations. Our highly-trained staff understands how to address individual patient needs and provide the level of comprehensive care necessary for recovery and health in a home setting.

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Our Model

We have built an innovative care model that enables us to effectively work with an underserved population of complex mental health patients with chronic behavioral issues and a variety of medical needs. We are committed to delivering more coordinated care at a lower cost with our provider ecosystem across the continuum to ensure better outcomes, a happier and healthier patient, and a better bottom line.

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Our Partners

Our team understands the dynamics of today’s evolving outcomes-driven market, and we are cultivating strong partnerships with top technology companies, community & patient organizations, ACOs and other leading healthcare organizations.


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High-quality, ethical and cost-effective alternative to hospitalization


“Our premise is simple, unique and in high demand – improve quality of life and create value by utilizing data to efficiently serve a growing population of adults diagnosed with complex mental health conditions at the point of care. Our underserved, vulnerable patients require a real intensity of service – many times 365 days a year.”

— Joe McDonough, CEO, Innovive Health

“We are so incredibly grateful to Joe McDonough and the entire Innovive team for being our first ever Sustaining Donor! Prior to the pandemic, Joe and his team cooked monthly in CASPAR’s Shelter kitchen, conducted Donation Drives and sponsored our homeless neighbors for holiday gifts of winter boots and gear. Despite the pandemic, Innovive has continued their Monthly Meal Sponsorship, enabling us to provide healthy meals and more to our homeless neighbors. We simply could not do our work without our sponsors and long-time supporters!”

— Julia W. Londergan, Esq., Director of Development, CASPAR