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Innovive Health is committed to ensuring the ongoing safety of our patients and staff as COVID-19 restrictions are lifted, and we move forward with our economic and social reopening.

We will continue to adhere to guidance from the CDC and the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, and we will implement the following safety measures:

  • Conducting daily health screenings for symptoms of COVID-19 for patients and staff.
    • Anyone who exhibits symptoms related to COVID-19 is required to stay home.
  • Using 70 percent or higher alcohol-based hand sanitizer by our clinicians on the road and in our office locations, and our clinical policies require frequent hand-cleaning by those providing patient care.
  • Following all local, state, and federal guidelines for infection control when entering and exiting homes.
  • Providing ongoing surveillance testing for our clinicians and encouraging vaccinations for all staff.
  • Wearing masks and following social distancing guidelines when providing care in the home, as appropriate.

In addition, all of the high-touch areas throughout our offices are cleaned frequently with virus- and bacteria-killing chemicals.

Services & Programs

At Innovive Health, our goal is to assist patients in achieving optimal health outcomes through innovation, data and quality care at home

Whether the individual is diagnosed with a psychiatric or chronic medical illness, is disabled or cognitively impaired, or just in need of short-term assistance, we work to ensure patients live safely at home. In fact, our success in achieving optimum outcomes for patients makes us the choice for providers and families alike.

Our Services

Innovive Health provides nursing, therapy and additional services to some of the region’s most vulnerable and underserved populations. Our highly-trained staff includes registered nurses, physical therapists, occupational therapists and speech therapists. All are trained to address individual patient needs and provide the level of comprehensive care necessary for recovery and optimal health where patients want care most: at HOME. In addition, most recently we have developed a program to support patients with ongoing care and support who may be suffering from active COVID-19 infection.


High-quality, ethical and cost-effective alternative to hospitalization

Our skilled nursing services promote mental and physical stabilization through ongoing clinical assessment, evaluation and intervention. Our dedicated clinicians receive best-in-class training to address the specific needs of patients in an at-home setting, assuring that patients have the right combination of support for recovery and health.


Improving function, enhancing well-being

Our physical therapists find innovative ways to assist patients at home in finding relief from functional issues. After completing a thorough evaluation, our therapist will incorporate new exercises along with education to provide a path for patients to heal at home. Over time, we will modify treatment orders for the most effective plan for our patients’ specific needs.


Fostering independence, improving overall function

Occupational therapy services are provided for patients in need of assistance with daily living activities due to conditions affecting fine motor skills. Our therapists will follow the orders of the patient’s physicians to increase body strength, fine motor activity and treatment plans for overall increased function and independence at home.

Innovive Health

We are a leading provider of innovative, compassionate home health care serving individuals with complex behavioral health conditions. Our dedicated team focuses every day on an underserved population, providing quality care in the safety and comfort of their homes and communities.

Additional Programs

Within our services offerings, we also provide numerous specialty programs to assist in the overall treatment of individuals at home. Programs to support a healthy recovery include the following:

  • Wound Care and Ostomy
  • Complex and Chronic Care Management
  • Behavioral Health Disease Management
  • Ongoing Care Coordination with a Focus on Social Determinates
  • COPD and CHF Management
  • Substance Abuse and Recovery
  • Speech Therapy

Collaboration & innovation together for improved outcomes at home

At the intersection of exceptional health care, data utilization, innovation and support is a healthy patient. We believe in providers that genuinely care, technology that is unmatched and a team that loves what they do. By collaborating with patients existing medical and community providers, we are able to develop the most personalized treatment plan for optimal health at home.

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Compassionate home care serving individuals with complex behavioral health conditions