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Innovive Health is committed to ensuring the ongoing safety of our patients and staff as COVID-19 restrictions are lifted, and we move forward with our economic and social reopening.

We will continue to adhere to guidance from the CDC along with relevant federal and state agencies:

  • Conducting daily health screenings for symptoms of COVID-19 for patients and staff.
    • Anyone who exhibits symptoms related to COVID-19 is required to stay home.
  • Using 62 percent or higher alcohol-based hand sanitizer by our clinicians on the road and in our office locations, and our clinical policies require frequent hand-cleaning by those providing patient care.
  • Following all local, state, and federal guidelines for infection control when entering and exiting homes.
  • Providing ongoing surveillance testing for our clinicians and encouraging vaccinations for all staff.
  • Wearing masks and following social distancing guidelines when providing care in the home, as appropriate.

In addition, all of the high-touch areas throughout our offices are cleaned frequently with virus- and bacteria-killing chemicals.

About Innovive

Innovating healthcare by using data to create quality outcomes, delivered at home

As one of the nation’s fastest growing home health agencies, Innovive Health has been delivering strong clinical outcomes for more than two decades. We are a leading provider of innovative home care serving individuals with complex behavioral health conditions. Our dedicated team focuses every day on an underserved population, providing quality care in the safety and comfort of their homes and communities.

We are committed to delivering better outcomes for our patients while utilizing data to increase efficiencies across the care continuum and reducing costs for the healthcare system. We understand the dynamics of today’s evolving data-driven healthcare market and we are adopting the latest technologies available while cultivating strong partnerships with leading healthcare organizations to provide cutting edge healthcare at home.

We are always here for our patients, our partners, our employees and our communities. Through our unmatched dedication to adults diagnosed with complex mental health conditions, we are changing lives, supporting communities and shaping the future of home health services. We accept referrals 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


A leading provider of innovative home care serving adults diagnosed with complex mental health conditions, Innovive’s mission is to keep our patients out of the hospital and in their homes while utilizing data to deliver better outcomes at lower costs.


Innovive Health is transforming healthcare through an innovative model of patient-centered, data-driven, full-service home care. Through our unmatched dedication to our patients, we are changing lives, supporting communities and shaping the future of healthcare.


  • Our dedicated team goes above and beyond to provide our patients with the care that they need in the comfort of their home.
  • We believe in hiring the best clinicians and support teams and recognize that the quality of our employees is the foundation of our high-quality care.
  • We deliver better outcomes for our patients and lower costs for the healthcare system by embracing innovation, data and the latest technologies.
  • Innovive invests in its employees through training programs, opportunities for continued education and by fostering a collaborative work environment.
  • Our clinicians, support teams and leadership are fully committed to providing the highest-quality care for all, regardless of socioeconomic status or health condition. We treat all our patients with dignity and respect.

High-quality, ethical and cost-effective alternative to hospitalization