We’re proud to share that through our partnership with Innovive Health, the fastest growing home health agency in Massachusetts, over 700 of Innovive’s nurses have been using Healthy.io’s digital wound management solution, Minuteful for Wound, to deliver high-quality, data-driven wound care.

Innovive Health provides care to some of society’s most vulnerable and underserved communities, which aligns perfectly with Healthy.io’s mission. Together, we are changing the way nurses use technology to monitor patients quickly and efficiently. COVID-19 brought to light the need for technology like our wound care solution, which allows clinicians to use their smartphones to track and treat chronic wounds like diabetic ulcers, and enables them to do their job more efficiently.

“Implementing Minuteful for Wound into our patient population has greatly improved the quality of care that we’re able to provide. A nurse is able to jump in and pick up right where the last nurse left off. That way, our patients are getting high quality, consistent care.”

Brianna Tavares, Nurse Case Manager, Innovive Health

With Minuteful for Wound, Innovive Health’s nurses use a smartphone to scan a wound, which is then uploaded to a portal that allows them to assess the wound’s progress. The AI-powered computer vision system analyzes wounds with optimal accuracy, automatically calibrating images for scale, lighting, dimensions, and 3D structure.

Read the full blog and watch the video via Healthy.io >> https://blog.healthy.io/wound-care/innovating-wound-care-in-massachusetts/